Turn Waste Into Want.


Through our zero waste initiative, we are turning fabric waste from the fashion industry into one-of-a-kind, handmade textiles. We are proud to be able to match unwanted material with expert artisans to give it new life and purpose. In doing so, we are stretching our creative muscles and collaborating across industries to develop collections that look as good as they feel to buy.

While this project began as a joint effort between clothing brand luvmother™ and textile studio Oliver Yaphe, the concept is ultimately bigger than any one person or brand. In fact, we hope our ideas spark other ideas - a little chain reaction of common goodness, consciousness & creativity.

This is the start of a broader conversation. The start of using materials in new ways. The start of creating product that is both beautiful and respectful of our environment. We are inspired. We hope that you are too.

Photography by Kirsten Francis